Mission and Vision



To provide qualified individuals of the future with national and global ethical values, researchers, inquirers, socially responsible, contributing to the welfare of the country by providing teamwork and participation at the highest level.




Education, training and the quality of research in Turkey and the world well-known and preferred in the first place; has a participatory and sharing management; Pioneer in providing faculty-society cooperation; Being a Faculty that respects global values and has adopted total quality management.


Our Basic Values


Respecting universal human rights

Respecting social values

Having Love, Respect, Tolerance

Being fair and consistent

Paying attention to the principle of transparency and openness

Being a Sharer

To be bound by ethical values

Loving Our Business and Being Devoted

To prioritize scientific

To produce quality information and services

To follow scientific ethical rules

Being environmentally friendly

Being a participant

Being accessible / accessible

Being open to change and innovative